The Soul Box

A visual novel about the mystery of a puzzle box. A story of an inheritance hidden behind what’s written.

Behind every puzzle...

...there is a treasure. A tooth of a dragon, a golden coin, a love letter. A shard of someone’s soul. Be wise when you solve it. Be stubborn when you pursue it. Be gentle when you uncover it.

  • Cthulhu Fhtagn

    Will you solve the puzzle, or will you let an ol’ unutterable hug you a bit too tight? Are you good enough for the immortality?

  • Deep Social Issues

    For real this time tho. We’ve finally grew up as persons and ready to... uh... be deep. And social.

  • Layers of dust

    Walking through childhood memories is like walking through a fog of a dream. Look, a shed skin of a snake! Was it Ouroboros by chance?

A piece of art
in a skyscope

You have to dig between the roots of an old tree to find the treasure behind a piece of glass. That’s a rule that can’t be broken.

Lots of it.

Your life is defined by the books you read. By the letters sent to you. By the songs and poems you learn. The world is our reflection, and we are reflection of the text that’s stuck in our minds.