Every small town has its secrets.
Unravel the ones kept by Three Stones and its people.

A night to remember someone who isn’t you. You have seen things you’d much rather forget. You fled from it, but the universe made a spiralling turn and forced you two face to face. Old enemies. Ancient histories. Wounds and secrets older than you. Be careful to not dig too deep.

Or maybe the only way out is to dig as deep as you can?

  • Puzzles and Achievements

    Hidden treasures, references and easter eggs all over the place. Dare to find every single one?

  • Deep Social Issues

    As always, bringing you the best social issues out there. Age restrictions still apply: sex is one thing, but you don’t want to dive into the religious stuff unprepared, trust us.

  • Friends and Foes All Around

    Dragged in a story such as this you’ll be bound to make a bit of both. Don’t expect everyone to like a stranger.

Take a deep breath
and listen

To the howls of the wind. To the static on every channel. To the amazing ambient soundtrack our team brought to you. Let it sink in, let it settle you down here, in a place somewhere nowhere.

It’s getting
deadly serious

You might find yourself forty meters below the ground, walking through an old mine tunnel that can collapse at any moment. Side by side with a person wielding a knife and eager to use it. Don’t take this thing lightly.