The Knight
of the Crimson Tower

A visual novel about the search of inner self through adventures, horrors and furious hentai.

Classic Fantasy setting, Dark Fantasy secrets

You play as Laura, a noble lass that ran away from her home to taste freedom, lift her curse and test her limits. She is followed by a big bad man and a big bad monster and she'll have to deal with both sooner or later. And there's also a completely new side of herself to explore. They say, curiosity killed a cat. What will it do to a werewolf?

  • Explore the Darkest Dungeon

    Explore the Darkest Dungeon

    Cold and creepy, full of witches, bats and hidden achievements. And monsters.

  • Deep Social Issues

    Deep Social Issues

    Like, elbow deep. Yeah... But seriously, the game is 18+ and not simply cause of uncensored sex scenes, so mind the age restrictions.

  • Escape your prison

    Escape your prison

    There’s something following you on your way to yourself. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s something wicked this way comes. Beware.

Get ready
to feast your eyes

...upon the amazing art. Animated backgrounds and CGs, various visual effects to make the pictures look alive, tiny details to put a smile on your face or send shivers down your spine!

Don’t forget
the mystery

We’re here to solve a mystery, right? After all, it’s all about the plot, not just some boobs. Who needs boobs, when you have sinister curses, dark magic and consequences of your actions! ...Anyone?