All stories end somewhere. This one ends here. Do the lights of the Big City really help you see better?

A dream come true

A runaway from the grey skies and cold evenings, blinded by lights. Can one shed their own life to begin anew? Tangle yourself in the deep web of streets, lose your body and mind in all the new vices and sins. And then — arise.

  • Big Sister is Watching

    In the game, just like in real life! Except now you can talk to her. Come on, push those buttons, they work! Can you imagine that!

  • Deep Social Issues

    No Ikuku game without social issues, like, who do you think we are, some dirty pervs? Things might get dark this time, though. A little darker than usual.

  • Mirror corridor

    You’ll see some old faces as well as some new ones. Reflections over reflections, in search of your own face, how far will you go?

You’ve heard
this voice before

Some wounds can never heal, some monsters cannot be slain. They say, the song remains the same, but there are things that have to change.

And everything goes
back to the beginning

Seeing yourself in the black mirror of the screen you’ll know where all reflections end. And everything goes back to the beginning.